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Rules and Regulations 

Welcome to Verde Ranch Estates. a CRR Lifestyle Neighborhood ‘the “Community”). The Verde Ranch Estates Rules and Regulations (“Community Rules and Regulations”) have been created to provide Tenants with a written statement of Community standards and have been adopted in order to ensure fairness to all Tenants, to protect the rights and property of all parties, a1d to preserve the quality of the Community. Keeping our neighborhood and facilities in first class condition is a Community effort and priority. Your cooperation and strict adherence to the Community guidelines is appreciated and ensures our Community will continue to be the best of its kind.

1. Registration. In order to qualify forresidency, all potential Tenants and/or occupants of the Community must: (a) submit a Community-provided Application For esidency; (b) meet the Community’s adopted income, credit, and criminal background screening criteria; and (c) must pay any required application fees, which are non-refundable. Failure to receive Community management’s prior written approval and failure to sign any required documentation before moving onto a home site in the Community may result in management unconditionally refusing residency, and such unapproved persons who move into the Community will be considered trespassers.

A. Upon meeting all qualifications, Tenants must sign a Rental Agreement and required addenda, and must list any approved occupants of the home site in such Rental Agreement, before residing in the Community. Only approved and registered Tenants, and occupants (hereinafter, collectively, “Tenants”), who have signed a Rental Agreement with the Community and any required addenda, are pennitted to occupy a home site in the Community. Additionally, this Community’s practice is to maintain current, updated, rental documentation. Therefore, at expiration of any Rental Agreement, management reserves the right to require a new written Rental Agreement be executed.

B. A proposed live-in caregiver for a disabled Tenant must apply for occupancy in the Community, undergo the Community’s criminal background screening process, and be approved to reside in the Community before moving into a Tenant’s manufactured home. Additionally, the Tenant and the caregiver must submit acceptable documentation evidencing the disability and need for a caregiver and, if approved, the Tenant and the caregiver must sign a Caregiver Add end um with the Co mm unity before the caregiver may reside in the Community.

2. Occupancy. No more than two (2) persons per bedroom, plus one (1) additional person per home, may regularly occupy the manufactured home. For clarity, a “bedroom”is a room intended by the manufacturer of the home to be regularly used as a bedroom and all bedrooms must contain closet space. A bedroom is not a den, family room, living room, or other room that has been converted into a bedroom.

3. Antennas and Satellite Dishes: Antennas or satellite dishes that are no more than one meter in diameter or diagonal measurement, which are designed for over-the-air reception of signals from satellite, wireless cable, or television broadcasting facilities, together with their associated mounting hardware and mast, if applicable, may be installed subject to lhe following guidelines:

A. Prior written authorization by Community management is required before the installation of any exterior antenna, satellite dish, or similar item. The request must include the dimensions and desired installation location on the home site of the antennae or satellite dish.

B. There is a limit of one (1) satellite dish per home site.

C. When facing the front of the home, the antennae or satellite dish must be mounted on the left side at the rear comer of the home.

D. The antennae or satellite dish cannot be higher than the height necessary to establish line of sight contact with the transmitter and, in any event, it may be no higher than the minimum height allowed by applicable law or regulation.

E. HAM radio antennas are not permitted in the Community.

4. ATV’s and Off-Road Vehicles: Unregistered, non-street legal, off-road vehicles are not allowed to be operated in the Community. These vehicles may be stored on ycur home site if stored on their trailer and parked in a parking area on the home site, or in an approved garage. Street legal and licensed ATV’s are permitted in the Community with prior approval of Community management and may be parked in a parking area on the Tenant’s home site. All such ATVs must be kept in a neat and clean condition and have a neat and clean appearance. No vehicle emitting excessive noise or exhaust will be allowed to operate in the Community.

5. Cable TV & Internet Service: Please see Community Management Office for information.

6. Clotheslines: Clotheslines are not permitted in the Community.

7. Conduct: Tenants are responsible for their own conduct and for that of their guests, visitors, and invitees (hereinafter, collectively, ”Tenant’s Guests”). Tenants and Tenant’s Guests must conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner at all times in the Community. Offensive or inappropriate conduct towards anyone, and/or harassment of anyone, including but not limited to other Tenants and other Tenant’s Guests, or Community management, employees, staff, or the Community’s guests, visitors or invitees will not be tolerated and is grounds for termination of tenancy. Tenants and Tenant’s Guests may not yell, curse at, or behave inappropriately towards Community management, employees, staff, or the Community’s guests, visitors and invitees. Tenants and Tenant’s Guests must not interfere with the management or operation of the Community.

8. Complaints. Complaints on any subject must be received by Community management in writing. Forms for this purpose are available at the Community Management Office.

9. Trespassing and/or Entering Other Home Sites: Please respect your neighbors. Use streets and sidewalks. Do not walk, ride or drive through another home site whether vacant oroccupied. Entering other Tenants’ home sites without prior permission of that Tenant is prohibited. Entering vacant home sites is prohibited. Additionally, the Community reserves the right to expel from the Community anyone who is not an approved Tenant or occupant.

10. Electric Policy: Arizona Public Service Company (APS), which supplies electricity to the Community, requires all Tenant’s to be billed directly by APS. Tenants must contact APS to have electricity services put in the Tenant’s name and they must maintain electrical service to their home site at all times throughout their tenancy in the Community.

11. Emergencies: The Community is part of the City of Camp Verde and is serviced by the Camp Verde Marshal’s Office, Fire and Paramedics. We are part of the 911 emergency programs. If you have a medical emergency or fire, please dial 911, give them the Community address and your home site number or other location (if not at a home site). The local fire department has site maps of the Community and will be able to find the correct location.

12. Firearms and Fireworks.

FIREARMS may not be worn or carried in the Community or openly displayed except by sworn law enforcement personnel at any time, except as provided below. Violation of any of these firearm restrictions by any Tenant or Tenant’s Guest shall constitute a material and irreparable breach of Tenant’s Rental Agreement and shall be cause for immediate termination of tenancy.

Tenants and Tenant’s Guests:

A. Must adhere to Arizona Weapons and Firearms laws; specifically, A.R.S. §13-3102 guidelines and city ordinances and rules, at all times.

B. May not threaten other Tenants or other Tenant’s Guests, Community management, employees, staff, or the Community’s guests, visitors and invitees with a firearm or any other weapon, whether or not the firearm or other weapon is actually openly displayed.

C. Firearms are NOT permitted in public or common areas of the Community.

D. Firearms are NOT permitted in the Community Management Office.

E. May carry a firearm in personal vehicles and may store a firearm in a locked vehicle while in the Community, if any such firearm is not visible from outside the vehicle.

F. May have a firearm within the manufactured home.

G. May carry a firearm between vehicles and the manufactured home in a box, holster, or other device that does not display the firearm to others.

H. May not unlawfully discharge a firearm anywhere in the Community for any reason.

FIREWORKS of any kind including, but not limited to, sparklers are prohibited in the Community. Igniting any kind of fireworks in the Community including, bJt not limited to, lighting a sparkler by any Tenant or Tenant’s Guest shall constitute a material and irreparable breach and shall be cause for immediate termination of tenancy.

13. For Sale and For Rent Signs: “For Sale” and “For Rent” signs may be placed in or on a manufactured home in the Community. Community management shall have final approval of the content of all listing information. Limit of one “For Sale” sign per home Such signs may not be larger than twelve-inch (12″) by eighteen-inches (18″). A 12″ X 18″ “Open House” sign will be permitted during an open house. All other signs are prohibited. This n le does not apply to signage used by the Community to market Community manufactured horre sales.

14. Garbage Pick Up: Toe City of Camp Verde has multiple garbage disposal services. All Tenants will obtain services directly with the garbage disposal service vendor.

15. Golf Carts: Golf carts are welcome in the Community. Golf carts are considered a motor vehicle and must abide by all traffic laws and regulations. All golf carts operated after dark must have adequate lights and reflectors. Golf carts may not be operated on any Community sidewalk at any time. Golf cart operators must have a valid and current drivers’ license.

16. Tenant’s Guests: Tenant’s Guests shall be the sole responsibility of th1~ Tenant inviting the guest, visitor or invitee and each such Tenant Guest shall be subject to the Community Rules and Regulations as the Tenant. Tenant’s Guests using the Community facilities must be accompanied by a responsible Tenant. Tenant’s Guests are not pennitted to bring pets into the Community. Tenants are responsible for registering and paying any required “Guest Fee” for any Tenant Guest that stays for more than a total of fourteen (14) days in any calendar month. Such registration and payment shall occur immediately after the fourteenth (141h) day of a Tenant’s Guest’s visit. Tenant’s Guests are limited to a maximum stay of thirty (30) days in any twelve (12) month period. After that, they become an unauthorized occupants who must vacate unless and until they submit an application for residency, are approved in writing by Community management, and either sign a Rental Agreement with the Community, are added to the Rental Agreement as an approved occupant, or sign an Occupant Addendum with the Community and the Tenant.

17. Incoming Manufactured Homes and Improvements: The Community guidelines and specifications for improvements, accessories, and equipment consist of:

A. Manufactured Homes: All manufactured homes to be set in the Community must be new unless approved in writing by Community management. Homes must be located on-site and pit-set in a uniform manner as directed by Community management and must have tow hitch(es) promptly removed. The Community management, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to consider other than new homes for installation in the Community subject to design and appearance criteria for the Community or for that section of the Community.

B. Siding/Roof: Manufactured homes must be wood or fiber cement sided, with shingled, peaked roofs with a minimum pitch of 3-12.

C. Deck Railings: Deck railings may be: (a) manufactured aluminum type; (b) manufactured wrought iron; or (c) custom-made of wood, in which case the support posts must be at least 4″ X 4″ wood and extend to ground level at maximum inten als of 48″. Horizontal rails must be at least 2″ X 4″ wood at maximum inteNals of 12″. Alternatively, vertical rails of at least 2″ X 2″ or 1″ X 4″ wood may be installed at maximLm inteNals of 3 5/8″.

D. Sheds: Tenant must first seek and obtain Community management’s prior written approval of the materials to be used and the placement of the shed on the home site. Only one (1) storage shed built from a wooden kit, no larger than 10′ X 12′ and no taller than eight (8) feet may be installed and must be secured to the ground. Metal or aluminum sheds are not pennitted. The color of the storage shed must match or compliment the manufactured home. Construction of the shed must be completed within thirty (30) days of Community management’s written approval. Sheds may only be installed at the rear of the patio or manufactured home in a location designated by Community management.

E. Fencing: Fencing is only permitted with prior written approval of Community management and must be between 36″ and 72″ high. Placement of fencing must be approved by Community Management prior to installation. The fence must be installed by a licensed contractor, using approved materials, and must be completed within thirty (30) days of Community management’s written approval of Tenant’s plan.

F. Landscaping: Each home site must be attractively landscaped and well-maintained on all sides. Community management must pre-approve, in writing, the type and location of all trees to be planted. Front yard landscaping must be either colored landscape rock, or pre-approved artificial turf. Back and side yard may be colored land::cape rock or. minus gravel, professionally installed artificial turf, or professionally installed sod. Landscaping must be pre-approved, in writing, by Community management priorto installation. Plants underneath windows should be maintained at a height below the windowsill. Trees must be trimmed so that the lower branches are at least five (5) feet above ground. Tenant is responsible for maintaining and trimming trees located on the home site along with maintaining, watering, and trimming other landscaping on the heme site.

G. Miscellaneous: Only manufactured, factory-type accessories, equipment, structures and appliances, which are similar in design and compatible in color to the manufactured home, are permitted. No “homemade” accessories, equipment, structures or appliances may be installed without prior written approval by the Community management.

(i) Utility pedestals and all service connections must be accessible at all times. If one of the Community’s shut-off valves is located on the Tenant’s home site, it must be kept visible and accessible at all times.

(ii) All homes must display 3″ high, black or other pre-approved, contrasting color, metal or plastic house numbers at a location designated by Community management. No other signs or placards are permitted.

18. Maintenance of Your Home Site and Manufactured Home: Help us keep the Community beautiful! It is the responsibility of all Tenants to keep their home site ard manufactured homes neat and clean and in good repair.

A. Unsightly storage under or around a manufactured home, shed, or anywhere on the home site is not permitted. Standard patio furniture (designed for outdoor use), one barbecue, and a pre-approved storage shed, all of which must be maintained in a neat and clean condition, are the only items permitted to be stored outside of the manufactured home.

B. No trampolines or swimming pools are permitted on Tenants’ spaces. Such items are specifically prohibited.

C. Spas must be pre-approved by Community management prior to installation. Tenant may not install, or cause to have installed, a spa without issuance of a spa permit by the city. Spas must be covered by a manufacturer approved, solid-surface cover, at all times when not in use.

D. Plastic lattice must be approved by Community management in advance of installation.

E. Yard decor is limited to four(4) pieces per site, including any metal art or decor attached to structures, exclusive of plants. Yard decor must be pre-approved before placement. Offensive or inappropriate yard decor is prohibited. Signs, other than one “For Sale” or “Open House” sign as set forth in Section 13 above, are prohibited.

F. Only metal, plastic and ceramic items specifically intended for outdoor decor, are permitted. No glass (including marbles) or indoor furniture/rugs are allowed. Pink flamingos are prohibited.

G. Indoor appliances are not allowed outdoors.

H. All items must be kept in good repair and may not be chipped, broken, faded or have peeling paint. Avoid items that may be offensive in nature.

I. Pop-up canopies are prohibited in the Community.

J. Blue tarps (to cover cars, golf carts, used as wind shields, etc.) are prohibited. Grey/beige/neutral color tarps, kept in a neat, clean, and good condition, are permitted for covering items during the off season.

K. Should it become necessary for our maintenance personnel to clean a home site or make repairs, Tenant will first receive a ten (10) day notice of intent to remedy from Community management and if Tenant does not thereafter perform the work within the required period, charges of $25.00 per man hour, plus materials and supplies, will be assessed to the Tenant. Such charges shall constitute additional rent under the Rental Agreement. This includes landscape maintenance and repairs, and repairs to anything on the home site (but not the manufactured home itself) affecting health or safety. Community management is not obligated to maintain a Tenant’s home site under any circumstances, and may, at its sole discretion, seNe a termination of tenancy notice and evict if a space is non-compliant with this Section 18.

L. Tenants shall maintain all accessories, equipment, structures, and appliances attached to the home site or manufactured home or placed thereon in good condition and repair. This obligation includes but is not limited to the replacement of any such items which are missing or damaged to the point that they cannot be repaired, and the repainting of the manufactured home, any accessory structures, and improvements when they are reasonably in need of repainting. Tenant must obtain written approval of color from Community management prior to the repainting of the manufactured home and/or any accessories, equipment, structures, or appliances on the home site. Community management, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to reject any colors it believes to be incompatible with other manufactured homes in the Community or that would negatively impact the Community’s appearance.

M. The following conditions effecting the home site and/or manufactured home, by way of example and not limitation, are not permissible and must promptly be corrected: {a) broken or cracked glass doors or windows; (b) visible or unsightly dents; (c) bent or dented awning or carport support posts or porch railings; (d) visible and unsightly rust corrosion, fading, blistering, or cracking on painted surfaces; (e) utility connections that leak, are unsafe, impede yard maintenance, and/or violate any health or safety codes or regulations; (f) exterior carpet that is tom, dirty, or loose; (g) generally dirty appearance of the manufactured home (i.e., the manufactured home needs to be washed).

N. All concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces on the home site shall be kept clean and maintained free of oil drippings, grease, and other debris, and kept in good repair and condition. Tenant is responsible for maintaining Tenant’s driveway and all other concrete on the home site. The cost to clean, repair, or replace a darraged driveway is the Tenant’s responsibility.

O. All garbage, paper, glass, cans, are to be deposited in the trash. To prevent clogged sewer lines, DO NOT flush sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, tissue paper, paper towels, cigarette butts, cooking grease, or dispose any other materials or foreign objects down toilets, sinks, or garbage disposals.

P. The costs to clear stoppages or repair sewer lines caused by Tenant or Tenant’s Guest’s negligence or improper usage or intentional misuse are the responsibility of the Tenant and may be charged to the Tenant as additional rent under the Rental Agreement.

Q. Tenant is responsible for disposing from Tenant’s home site all rubbish, garbage, and other waste in a clean and safe manner. All trash must be bagged and tied/sealed before being placed in the disposal bin.

R. Tenants may not dispose of business or commercial trash in the Community or enter any garbage containers to remove any refuse.

S. Large items such as furniture, appliances, large landscaping trimmings, etc., shall not beplaced in or beside Community disposal bins and must be taken to an appropriate disposal site outside of the Community. Hazardous wastes, including, but not limited to, batteries, tires, paint, used motor oil, and the like, must be disposed of in accordance with county and city regulations and in an appropriate facility, and may not be disposed of in the Community.

T. Personal property may not be accumulated or stored around the manufactured home, on driveways, carports, patios or on porches, or on the home site. Personal property includes, but is not limited to, overstuffed orindoorfumiture, appliances, ironing boards, brooms, mops, tools, toys, gardening equipment, debris, refuse, litter, firewood or other such items which are unsightly.

U. Nothing other than the wheels and hitches from the manufactured home may be stored under the manufactured home.

V. No material of a combustible, explosive, volatile, poisonous, gaseous, noxious, or corrosive nature shall be stored on the home site.

W. Aluminum foil, cardboard, plywood, or similar material is not perrmitted in the windows or doors of the home. Window coverings designed for that purpose with a neat, clean and professional appearance must be used in windows.

X. Tenants may not alter, connect, disconnect, or repair any Community utility or utility company utility service.

Y. If Tenant plans to do any digging in the yard, Tenant must first obtain Community management’s priorwritten approval so that placement of utility lines or pipes can be blue staked. If Tenant, Tenant’s agent, or Tenant’s contractor damage£ any such utility line or pipe, Tenant must pay all costs of repairing such damage, as additional rent on Tenant’s next rent invoice under the Rental Agreement.

Z. Tenant must assist the Community in maintaining the natural flow and drainage of water onto, across, and from Tenant’s home site. This requires that Tenant do nothing that would impede the natural flow and drainage of water or assist in the build-up of water and use proper watering techniques on all areas of Tenant’s home site

AA. Each Tenant shall “level” Tenant’s manufactured home on a consistent and regular basis. It is strongly recommended that Tenant have Tenant’s manufactured home “leveled” at least once a year. The Community is not responsible for leveling a Tenant’s manufactured home-Tenant is entirely responsible for the mainterance of Tenant’s own manufactured home.

BB. Tenant is liable for any personal injury, property damage, or other loss resulting from any change of water flow or drainage caused by Tenant or Tenant’s Guest on or from Tenant’s home site. All water that falls on Tenant’s manufactured home must be channeled to the street on which the manufactured home is located, and away from any embankments, slopes, or other home sites, using a system of overhead gutters, down spouts, and down spout extensions.

CC. Community management reserves the right to request any item deemed inappropriate or not meeting Community standards be removed.

19. Solicitation: Door-to-door solicitations of any kind are prohibited within the Community. While meetings at Tenant home sites are allowed, a solicitation by one Tenant without prior invitation of another Tenant is prohibited. If you are solicited in the Community, please notify Community management. Carport sales (yard sales) conducted by Tenants are permitted only to dispose of personal property of Tenants on a non-commercial basis, and only with prior written approval of Community management. Carport sales are limited to not more than two (2) sales per home site in a 12-month period.

20. Parking on Your Site: Vehicles may only be parked on the cement drveway. They cannot be parked in the yard, landscaping, or street. RV parking is prohibited. A resident discount has been established with Verde Ranch RV Storage should you need to s ore your RV, recreation vehicle or boat, etc.

21. Pets: No pets of any kind, or by whatever name they are called, are permitted on the home site at any time, except by prior written consent of the Community management. All pets that are approved by Community management must be registered at the Community Management Office, with a limit of two (2) pets per manufactured home. The keeping of an unregistered pet or allowing an unregistered pet in the manufactured home (visiting), for ny duration of time shall constitute a breach of these Community Rules and Regulations, and I hereby a breach of the Rental Agreement, and shall be cause for immediate termination of tenancy. Reasonable exceptions to pet restrictions will be made as necessary forassistiveanimals as needed to assist such persons that legally require the aid of assistive animals, and pet fees will not apply to such assistive animals. Tenant pet owners must be responsible for any damage or injury caused by or because of their pets. Your neighbors appreciate strict adherence to the following rules and requirements:

A. Proof of current licensing and vaccinations must be provided to Community management before the pet may be approved and before it is brought into the Ccmmunity. Additionally, proof of current licensing and vaccinations must be regularly updated in the Community Management Office and must be provided by Tenant to Community management at any time upon Community management’s request.

B. Pets must be kept on a leash when inside the Community, unless inside a designated enclosed pet park. For the safety of your pet and our Tenants and Tenant’s Guests, we require the pet be no more than six (6) feet from the pet handler at any given time. Retractable leashes are not allowed.

C. Tenants must clean up after their pets immediately and use the receptacles provided. Waste must be bagged prior to disposal.

D. Pets are allowed in the pet area only and should be kept clear of the common areas including any Community administrative buildings (assistive and service animals are exempt). Special areas are provided for walking your pets. Do not allow them behind or on someone else’s lot.

E. Vicious or unusually noisy pets will not be allowed in the Community. Community management reserves the right to deny breeds at its sole discretion.

F. Do not leave your pet unattended. All pets must be kept inside the manufactured home except when taken outdoors on a leash for reasonable outdoor exercise periods. Pets may be off leash when in fully fenced back yard areas on the home site but may not be left unattended in any yard at any time. Pets shall not be caged, fenced or left restrained unattended outside the manufactured home.

G. Pets are not allowed in the Community common areas, swimming pool area, or clubhouse.

H. Tenant’s Guests are not permitted to bring pets into the Community. “Pet sitting” is prohibited.

I. Breeding of animals is prohibited.

J. Feeding and/or watering stray animals and/or wild animals, Including but not limited to cats, is prohibited.

K. Barking, growling, snarling, crying, howling and other such noises which disturb other Tenants is cause for revoking permission to keep a pet. Aggressive or vicious behavior is cause for revoking permission to keep a pet in the Community. Community management reserves the right to deny breeds at its sole discretion

L. Pets shall not be allowed to enter another Tenant’s home site, flowerbeds, shrubs, yard, or any vacant home sites.

M. Assistive animals permitted in the Community are subject to the same rules concerning conduct, control, and clean-up. Assistive animals are not subject to pet fees. Pursuant to state and federal fair housing laws, where the disability of the Tenant or member of Tenant’s household requiring the assistive animal is not obvious or otherwise known to,the Community, the Community may request reliable documentation evidencing the disability and the disability-related need for the specific assistive animal at issue.

N. Pennission to keep a pet may be revoked for violation of this Section 21 or any violation of a Tenant’s Pet Agreement; or if the pet constitutes a nuisance, bites, attacks, or in any way interferes with others and/or causes complaint. Any pet that prevents or inhibits Community management or its agents from entering a Tenant’s home site shall be considered a nuisance.

O. Once required to leave, a pet may not be returned to the Community. Violation of this Section 21, Tenant’s Pet Agreement, or valid complaints received from other Tenants are also grounds fortennination of tenancy.

22. Quiet Time/Noise: Tenant and Tenant’s Guest quiet time is 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. Contractor quiet time is 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. During these hours there will be no construction or contractors allowed in the Community unless specifically authorized by Community management. Loud parties, excessive volume of radios, televisions, or musical instruments, or any other excessive noise, will not be allowed. Tenants or Tenant’s Guests may not disturb the quiet enjoyment of the Community by other Tenants, other Tenant’s Guests, or by Community management.

23. Community Employees: Employees working for Community are prohibited from performing tasks for individual Tenants or Tenant’s Guests except in emergencies and as specifically authorized by Commurity management.

24. Refunds. No rent refunds will be made.

25. Removal of Manufactured Homes. Tenants or their successors in interest may remove their manufactured homes from the Community as provided in A.RS. § 33-1485.01. Tenant must provide the Community with a Notice of Removal of Manufactured home from Community not less than thirty (30) days prior to move-out and the manufactured home c2nnot be removed until a Clearance for Removal is executed by Community management. A fonn of notice is available from the Community Management Office.

A. Tenant must designate a person or entity that will be responsible for the move-out. If this responsible party is not licensed as a contractor by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors or Department of Housing, a move-out deposit or surety bond of~ 2,500.00 or the then current maximum allowable statutory amount, less any security de:,osit of Tenant’s then held by the Community, must be posted.

B. When the manufactured home is removed, all necessary and accessory structures such as sheds, awnings, carports, fences, Arizona rooms and the like must also be removed unless the Community provides written approval for such structures to remain on the home site.

C. When the manufactured home is removed, all concrete on the space (including but not limited to patios, the pad on which the manufactured home was installed, carports, and driveways}, and all landscaping and landscaping materials, must be removed.

D. When the manufactured home is removed, all holes and depressions must be filled in. The home site must be graded and level, and approximately the same level as adjoining lots. If fill dirt is necessary, Tenant is responsible for supplying flean fill dirt.

26. Selling Your Manufactured Home On-Site:

A. Community management reserves the right of first refusal prior to Tenant accepting an offer to purchase their manufactured home.

8. Tenants cannot guarantee prospective buyers will be approved for residency. A prospective buyer has no rights of tenancy until the buyer has met all of the Community’s tenancy qualifications and has signed a Rental Agreement with the Community.

C. If the buyer does not qualify and the sale of the manufactured home is finalized, the manufactured home must be moved from the Community. However, the manufactured home cannot be removed until a Clearance for Removal is issued by Community management.

D. Prospective Tenants must meet with Community management to determine what upgrades, if any, must be done to bring the manufactured home to Community standards. All work must be done prior to such sale or the buyer will be required to bring the manufactured home into compliance as a condition of approval for residency. Any manufactured home sold “on site” must be brought into compliance with all Community standards in order to remain in the Community.

E. Community management may require a sold manufactured home be removed from the Community if, in the sole discretion of Community management; (1) the home cannot reasonably meet specifications or guidelines determined by the Community for that home site; or (2) the manufactured home is in run-down condition or disrepair.

F. Refer to Section 13 above forsignage guidelines.

27. Setback Requirements: Community home setbacks are thirty (30) feet in the front, and the combined distance between manufactured homes must be a minimum of ten (10) feet. Perimeter lots have the same setbacks. All structures must adhere to these setbacks.

28. Home Site Improvements/Modifications/Alterations: All improvements, modifications, and/or alterations to the home site and/or manufactured home require prior written approval of Community management. Forms to seek Community approval of any improvement, modification, or alteration are available in the Community Management Office.

A. Any digging in the Community must have prior written approval of Community management.

B. All awnings, skirting, storage sheds, enclosures, etc. must comply with all state, county and city laws and zoning regulations in addition to these Community Rules and Regulations.

C. In some instances, it may be necessary to obtain building permits. If approval is received from the Community, any work performed must be consistent with what was approved and in compliance with all applicable laws and codes.

D. All architectural or landscaping changes to your home site, including but not limited to the mounting of any antenna or satellite dish, require written approval from Community management, must be in compliance with all applicable laws and codes, and may require a permit from the City of Camp Verde prior to commencement of work.

E. See the Community Management Office for a description of specific improvement guidelines. Architectural projects must be completed one hundred twenty (120) days from the date the permit is issued.

29. Smoking Policy: The safety and health of our Tenants, Tenant’s Guests and Community employees, staff, visitors and invitees is very important to our Cor1munity. Fire safety is imperative and secondhand smoke has been determined to be a serious health issue. In order to provide a fire safe environment and mitigate the effects of secondhand smoke, we have instituted these guidelines.

A. Smoking orvaping is not permitted inside or within twenty (20) feet of any building in the Community. This applies to all restrooms and all Community common amenities, including the pool and patio areas, etc.

B. When smoking outdoors, be respectful of others and do not drop cigarette butts on the ground. Use the provided receptacles.

C. Smoking on home sites is permitted, but with restrictions.

(i) Cigar or pipe smoking is not permitted on a home site unless it is done within a confined area that does not allow any smoke to drift onto another home site.

(ii) Cigarette smoking is allowed on home sites without smoke containment if your neighbor is not adversely affected. If your neighbor is adversely affected by tre smoke or smell, you will be asked to contain your smoke.

D. Non-compliance will result in a breach of the Rental Agreemen1 and notice terminating tenancy.

30. Marijuana: The Community has determined that the use, possession, distribution, or manufacture of marijuana will interfere with the health, safety, welfare, and right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other Tenants. In accordance with the Crime Free Addendum and supporting federal laws, any use of marijuana (medical or otherwise) by the Tenant or the Tenant’s Guests will result in a breach of the Rental Agreement and immediate termination of tenancy. This includes both public and private use.

31. Subletting Your Manufactured Home: Subletting is permitted for Tenants who own their manufactured homes with the priorwritten consent of Community management, which consent may be withheld at Community management’s sole discretion. Sublet must be for a minimum of one-year term. Month to month and short term sublets are strictly prohibited.

A. If you sublet your manufactured home, you are responsible for all home site rent and fees due to the Community during occupancy of the horne site.

B. A sublet application is required to be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the prospective subtenant’s arrival. A $50.00 fee must accompany subletting applications.

C. A prospective subtenant and all subtenant’s occupants (collectively, hereinafter “Subtenant”), must meet the Community’s criminal background screening criteria. If a Subtenant is convicted of any crime that would rend er them ineligible for residency or occupancy in the Community, whether or not the crime occurs in the Community, such conviction shall disqualify them from residing in the Community. Appearance or listirg of the Subtenant’s name on any government sex offender registry shall disqualify them from residing in the Community. This obligation is in addition to any provisions set forth in any Crime Free Addendum to the Rental Agreement and in A.RS. § 33-1476. No one may reside on the home site without having met the Community’s rental criteria.

D. When the Subtenant takes occupancy of the manufactured ,ome, the owner of the manufactured home gives up all access to Community, its fac lities, and activities. Any Tenant found abusing this rule is subject to termination of tenancy or non-renewal of their Rental Agreement.

E. Subtenants must check in at the Community Management Offic;e upon arrival and abide by the following rules and guidelines:

(i) Subtenants must abide by these Community Rules and Regulations as if they were the Tenant. Any violation of the rules by a Subtenant shall be grounds for removal from the Community and the subletting Tenant shall be held liable for all damages and/or costs associated with the Subtenant’s actions.

(ii) Subletting or renting through VRBO, HomeAway, Airbrb, or similar websites or services is prohibited and constitutes operating a business in the Community in violation of these Community Rules and Regulations.

F. Third-party rental services are not permitted in the Community. If you should have questions regarding private rentals, please see the Communit~ Management Office for more information.

32. Termination of Rental Agreement: Community management may terminate your Rental Agreement in accordance with applicable law. Tenancy may be termirated for violation of your Rental Agreement, the Community Rules and Regulations, or any othn applicable law.

A. Tenancy may be terminated for any criminal conduct occurring in or near the Community, in accordance with applicable law and any Crime Free Addendum.

B. If an individual becomes the owner of a manufactured home eitrer by gift, award, devise, transfer, will, assignment, conveyance, or otherwise, the individual must immediately inform Community management and has no rights of tenancy until the individual has met all of the Community’s tenancy qualifications and has signed  Rental Agreement with the Community.

C. If the individual does not qualify for residency, they may inquire with Community management regarding a Storage Agreement to store the mariufactured home on the home site while they attempt to sell it to a qualified buyer.

D. Rent must be paid to store any manufactured home on any home site in the Community.

33. Title to Manufactured Home. Prior to entering into a Rental Agreement, a prospective tenant shall provide Community management a current copy of the title or otl1er sufficient evidence of ownership, which indicates legal owner, any lienholder(s), and serial or identification number(s) for the Tenant’s manufactured home. Tenant must also provide Community management with a copy of the title to Tenant’s manufactured home promptly upon the Community manager’s request.

34. Vehicles.

A. Except for occasional minor repairs, repamng of automobile~ •• trailers, boats or other similar equipment, and vehicles is not permitted in the Community. No engine or transmission overhauling or removal, no body repair work or any other automotive work is permitted in the Community. Painting of vehicles is prohibited. Flat tires must be repaired immediately, and no vehicle shall be left on blocks or jacks unattended. No waste oil, grease, or other fluids may be discharged anywhere in the Community.

B. Vehicles must be operated in a safe, courteous, and cautious manner at all times. Pedestrians, electric carts, and bicycles shall be granted the right of way. Motorized vehicles may only be operated within the Community by persons holding a valid driver’s license. All vehicles operated in the Community must be properly licensed with current registration. Tenant and Tenant’s Guests must obey all posted traffic control signs, Stop signs, No Parking signs, Speed Limit signs, etc.

35. Speed Limits: The speed limit in the Community is 15 MPH. All vehicles, including, but not limited to, bicycles, must honor all stop signs and traffic markings within the Community. These limits are for the protection of all Tenants, Tenant’s Guests, and Community employees, staff, guests and invitees. Violation of the speed limit will cause a written warning on the first infraction. Subsequent infractions will be a breach of the Rental Agreement and subject to a notice terminating tenancy. Community management reserves the right to install “speed bumps”where appropriate.

36. Vehicle Parking: Tenants and Tenant’s Guests may only park in such Tenant’s own parking space! Parking is limited to no more than three (3) conventional consumer passenger vehicles, which must fit entirely on Tenant’s driveway or in Tenant’s garage. Parking is not permitted on Tenants’ lawns, yards, or any other part of the home site other than the driveway.

A. Except for temporary active loading or unloading during dayt me hours, no parking is allowed in the streets. The streets are considered fire lanes and must be kept clear for emergency equipment. On-street parking also impairs mail delivery, street cleaning, and maintenance.

B. Guests may park in yourdriveway or at the main complex parking lot. Parking on a vacant home site is not permitted. Please contact Community management if you have a vehicle that you cannot accommodate on your home site.

C. Commercial vehicles other than those providing service at Community management’s request, or those making deliveries, are prohibited in the Community.

D. Inoperable vehicles may not be stored or parked in the Community. Any vehicle not moved for seventy-two (72} consecutive hours shall be deemed inoperable.

(i} Any vehicle with flat tires or that cannot be moved shall be deemed inoperable.

(ii) Vehicles that do not display current registration decals are deemed inoperable.

(iii) Any vehicle parked in the Community must be in opemble condition, used on a regular basis, and currently licensed.

E. Violation of these “Parking” rules may result in the vehicle being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

37. Miscellaneous: Should Community management fail to require compliance with, or exercise any right pursuant to these Community Rules and Regulations, it shall not be construed as a waiver by the Community of any provision of these Community Rules and Regulations, and shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any provision of these Community Rules and Regulations. Each provision of these Community Rules and Regulations is separate and distinct and individually enforceable. If any provision is declared unlawful, the enforceability of all other provisions shall not be affected. Although these Community Rules and Regulations are specific and subordinate to the Rental Agreement, it is impossible to contemplate every possible eventuality. Therefore, basic standards of decency are applicable to Tenants and Tenant’s Guests, all of whom must conduct themselves in a manner so as not to say or do anything to adversely affect the peaceful enjoyment of the Community by others in the Community or management of the Community.